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What is a good score on the Wonderlic Test?

Since the Wonderlic is supposed to reflect an IQ test under more strict circumstances, any score can be multiplied by five to represent the equivalent score in the standard IQ scale (Average IQ = 100). Knowing that, a score of 20 on the Wonderlic is equivalent to 100 on a standard IQ test, and a score as low as 10 can still be considered literate, according to E.F Wonderlic himself.

Scoring a 25 or higher would put someone well into the above average range of scores, with scores on the extremely high end of the spectrum might represent someone uniquely suited for the task at hand. The inverse can be said for someone who scores low on a Wonderlic test for a certain position; because Wonderlic tests are specialized to the field they are measuring, scoring at the very low end of the spectrum might indicate that someone is not fit for that particular position, but might possess traits more suitable for another position.

Scoring low (let’s say someone scored 10/50) does not necessarily mean there is a cognitive or intellectual issue with the person taking the test. Rather, it might indicate that a person is better suited undertaking a different set of challenges. We all approach challenges and problems in different ways, and there might be circumstances in which someone’s unique process of dealing with an issue is not compatible with the issue at hand.

The reason that the Wonderlic test is still a very good test for differentiating “personnel” is because it allows a manager or leader to assemble a team of people who think in ways complementary to one another. Scoring very well on the Wonderlic test (let’s say someone scored 43/50) might indicate that the test-taker is very well suited to take on the challenges necessary to work effectively, and indicate to a prospective employer or sports franchise that there is a lot of potential within someone that can be turned into positive growth for the team or business.