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Reasons to do well on the Wonderlic Test

While different people might possess different reasons for attempting the Wonderlic test, it is understood that everyone aims to do the best they can, and achieve as high as score as possible because it projects well for their ability to perform in a variety of situations, including increasingly difficult circumstances. For a prospective job applicant at a reputable company, a high score represents their ability to execute the company mission and drive success for not just themselves, but those around them as well.

Having a potential recruit do as best they can is important because it signals to the coaching staff that they have someone on their hands who understands how to work well with a team, and can consider everyone on the team before executing a play, which could potentially boost team performance and lead to a championship. High scores increase the likelihood of there being a positive, productive, and adaptive character to not just the individual, but the team of people they work or play with.

However, if after extensive testing you find yourself unable to achieve a perfect score, or believe you cannot complete the test in time, remember that it is just as important to grasp and understand the concept behind the question, as it is to understand the question itself; for instance:

A pair of shoes sell for $27 per pair. There is a sale tomorrow on shoes offering two pairs for $45. How much will 3 pairs of shoes cost today?

In the example above, the answer is $81, because only three pairs of shoes are being purchased, and since you are purchasing the shoes the day before the sale, the answer is as simple as (3 x 27 = 81). However, if you got to an answer of $72, it’s because you missed one key element of the problem, which is that the sale is only good the next day, which when it is scheduled to begin.

Having some difficulty with problems such as this is an indication that you might want to practice putting the problem together in your mind as you are reading through it, which allows you to visualize the steps needed to solve the problem more quickly, and also allows you to overlook unnecessary information, because you will have already visualized the problem. Minor oversights tend to stack up over the course of 50 questions. Practicing with as many reliable test sources is necessary if you want to train yourself to find only the key information in the questions you receive, which will allow you to make the most of the twelve minutes you will have to complete the entire test. Remaining confident, and being as prepared as possible is key to scoring well on the Wonderlic.