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Modern Applications for a Very Adaptable Assessment

Recently, there has been an evident and accelerating shift in many of America’s (or perhaps the world’s) most iconic industries; from all corners of service and manufacturing, there has been one word that has sent many home wondering what their future might look like. That infamous word, automation, has undoubtedly made many cringe at the idea of their own skills, fostered over the course of decades, being reduced to a set of inputs and outputs for the sake of saving money. With that, just as companies adapt to changing circumstances in order to grow and remain viable, so do those whose service and knowledge make up every single gear of our current economy.

When it comes to remaining competitive in any market, adapting your skills to the tasks given is extremely important, because it signals that you not only know what they are doing, but know how the entire chain that you are part of works, as well as how you can influence it. That last part - being able to influence your position by adapting what you know - that part takes a little bit of practice. However, it will pay off immensely when proving your value to a team, company, institution, or simply developing a new set of skills before changing careers. The Wonderlic test, that same test that has helped the NFL and Fortune 500 companies select the best possible members for their needs, is quickly proving itself as an awesome way for individuals to develop and train their own skills to be better suited in an increasingly changing skills-based economy.

Simply put, the Wonderlic test measures how well you do under pressure. It tests your reasoning and arithmetic abilities, as well as your ability to interpret differences among the information provided to you. With only twelve minutes to answer fifty question, many who approach the test without much prior introduction and a load of misplaced confidence, quickly find themselves struggling to remember the concepts needed to achieve a high score on the test. To a potential employer, or a team looking for their next best fit, freezing in the moment and collapsing under pressure can be an indicator that they might need to seek their recruit elsewhere. This is why we believe the Wonderlic test to be so influential at developing the skills necessary to remain not only viable in an evolving job market, but indispensable to companies lucky enough to acquire your unwavering adaptability and stability under pressure.

A recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers projected up to 40 percent of jobs in the United States, and 30 percent of jobs in the United Kingdom, will be lost to automation in the next decade or so. That said, it might not all look as bleak as some make it out to be; having a computer that can diagnose whether someone has cancer without a false-positive, as opposed to running the risk of a false-positive otherwise, the choice seems obvious. However, our intention with providing a platform for people to develop their skills on, is to make it so that any shift in the current market does not come as a shock to the millions of professionals worldwide who might be worried about their position in the economies of the future. Whether you are a web developer, accountant, engineer, work in food service, or are hoping to land a dream spot on your favorite sports team, be sure to practice and prepare with the Wonderlic test. Not only will it prepare you to approach any future challenges with confidence, knowing you can figure it out, but you will undoubtedly perform better at your current job, because you will have trained yourself to analyze information more quickly, while also being able to analyze many possible outcomes and ultimately choose the best one.

We believe that the skills, knowledge, and dedication to advancement that has brought us all to the cusp of another industrial revolution will not disappear and be replaced by a team of touchscreens and haptic feedback circuits. Rather, we are all in a time where our skills and passions need a little bit of reframing in order to provide a clear path to the next step in our inevitably advancing futures. Honing your skills with the Wonderlic test, knowing where to improve, and using practice materials to raise those metrics will quickly prove itself as the single best strategy for intercepting the next shift in the market and making sure you’re confident in your ability to make it work for you.