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Reasons to not do too well on the Wonderlic Test

Historically, there have been times (and there still are) when scoring on either one of the extremes of the Wonderlic test has been detrimental to those taking the test. That said, if a business if evaluating your ability to perform with a Wonderlic test, do the best that you can, because they want to evaluate how you might potentially benefit their team if hired on. However, there have been times where scoring either too high or too low has impacted how those taking the test have been perceived.

For instance, in the realm of sports, especially football, scoring on either one of the extremes might offer an indication to those in charge of the team that someone might be disobedient or challenge leadership, which are not necessarily traits that are looked for in someone that is to become part of a team. With that, most people who review the Wonderlic test for sports placement will tell you that being anywhere between 25 - 30 on the test is probably the most optimal spectrum, since it indicates a quick-witted nature and ability to perform under pressure, but will not signal to anyone that the person being evaluated will challenge authority or pose any potential risk to the team as a whole.

With that in mind, it is still important to practice as much as possible for the Wonderlic test, even if you are not looking to walk away after twelve minutes with a perfect score. Reason being, you still want to be prepared for what will appear on the test. Just like you wouldn’t take your eyes off of the road when driving, even if all alone on the road, you shouldn’t neglect to study for the Wonderlic just because you might not be aiming for the highest score possible. We train to prepare for the unexpected, and the same applies to the Wonderlic. If you are very comfortable with vocabulary, do not take that as reason to not practice arithmetic and reasoning.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to tell yourself you did the most possible to achieve the best score on the Wonderlic, which is why purchasing a few practice tests and PDF test booklets will not only help you prove to those evaluating you that you’re ready to perform, but you’ll reassure yourself as to your own ability to do very well under pressure, which is something you’ll always be proud of.