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Best and Worst Wonderlic Scores

Worst Wonderlic Scores

While the players listed below scored below average on their Wonderlic test during the NFL Combine, their athleticism and performance on the field during tryouts made them fantastically qualified to join the NFL. While coaches and team leaders prefer players with an average score, as opposed to a score on either extreme, some players can prove themselves very useful on the field, regardless of their ability to navigate the Wonderlic test.

Player Wonderlic Score Draft Position
Morris Claiborne 4 Round 1, Pick 6
Frank Gore 6 Round 3, Pick 65
Terrelle Pryor 7 Round 3
Travis Henry 9 Round 2, Pick 58
Jeff George 10 Round 1, Pick 1
Cordarrelle Patterson 11 Round 1, Pick 29

Best Wonderlic Scores

The players below performed exceptionally well on the Wonderlic test, and while most had good careers, their high score led to some believing that they may have been picked earlier had they done worse on the test. For coaches and scouts, the Wonderlic has served as the marker of a player’s ability to perform under pressure, why the most centrally-aligned scores tend to fare best, we may never know. That aside, any player that scores highly on the Wonderlic should definitely be proud of their accomplishment, since most never get to finish the test on time, much less complete it only nine minutes like Ryan Fitzpatrick!

Player Wonderlic Score Draft Position
Aaron Rodgers 35 Round 1, Pick 24
Colin Kaepernick 37 Round 2, Pick 36
Tony Romo 37 Undrafted
Matthew Stafford 38 Round 1, Pick 1
Eli Manning 39 Round 1, Pick 1
Calvin Johnson 41 Round 1, Pick 2
Greg McElroy 43 Round 7, Pick 208
Matt Birk 46 Round 6, Pick 173
Ryan Fitzpatrick 48 Round 7, Pick 270
Mike Mamula 49 Round 1, Pick 7
Pat McInally 50 Round 5, Pick 120